The NatureSpots App

Anyone can be a naturalist if one has a passion for nature, photography, and our planet's protection. The NatureSpots App enables nature lovers, biodiversity enthusiast, nature conservation activists and everyone else interested in wildlife and natural habitats to report animal, plant and fungi observations and habitat discoveries on their adventures.

Once you start doing it you won't be able to stop - suddenly you'll know more plants, mushrooms and animals than ever before. You'll explore habitats with your smartphone and reveal secret worlds. You'll make discoveries and get to know your surroundings better.

With NatureSpots you can:

  • Add your nature observations on the map - it's easy!
  • Share photos of animals, plants and fungi
  • Add habitat observations and record their status
  • An active community helps you with species identification
  • Add to your collection of findings and discoveries
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature together with like-minded people
  • Contribute to a common cause of creating an Open Data nature inventory
  • Start protecting biodiversity and nature by participating in the App

A new community about nature and wildlife observations

You can browse others' nature photos and interact with them by leaving a quick comment, asking a question, or like the photo by giving a heart.
Like yourself, other nature enthusiasts contribute their discoveries and knowledge in the App. Start spotting and discover new things in your environment - with NatureSpots exploring wildlife and natural habitats is something you can start right away.

Share your photos of animals, plants and mushrooms.

You can share photos of animals, plants and mushrooms with the community and enter habitats on the map. Participation is easy: take or select a photo and input your classification. If you do not know the species' name, you can mark that and others in the App can help you with the identification. The NatureSpots App is based on crowd intelligence, and together we all can learn more.


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Non-commercial and independent

You can freely set up your user profile as you like and register with a minimum amount of personal data processed. There is no commercial interest behind NatureSpots, we respect your digital privacy, and we do not include trackers in the App. NatureSpots is built by the team behind the Citizen Science platform SPOTTERON. Having a modern, independent, and community-driven App can help engage more people in protecting nature and biodiversity.

Biodiversity data

NatureSpots is not just a photo app for nature exploration - together, we are also creating a nature inventory. Your entries help to document biodiversity and to understand the threat to wildlife and ecology better. All entries are published anonymously as open data and can be freely used by nature conservation organisations, local initiatives and scientists.

Open Data

All observations in the NatureSpots App are available as Open Data under the Open Database License ODbL 1.0 for free use. On the online map of project's at, you can download the anonymised data-set by yourself to do your research or analysis, either in your region or as a total.


Start observing nature now!

Simply download the NatureSpots App for Android or iOS on your phone ans start exploring.


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Hey, do you love Nature?

Observing and learning about nature is fun and can help to protect our environment. In the NatureSpots App, you can put up all kinds of nature sightings - from species to habitats. Join up and help to build a biodiversity data set and share your photos!


Create your account or download the NatureSpots App for your Smartphone now to join the community!

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Get the free App!

NatureSpots is a non-profit and 100% community-driven project. We run it because we love to discover our world and share our findings with others. The app does not contain any ads and we do not get money from this project at all. Download the App on your Smartphone and join up!

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Want to partner up for a new biodiversity experience?

We are looking for partners, who are interested in biodiversity data, Citizen Science and being part of a modern and unique app. NatureSpots App is running on the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform and provides a wide range of interactive features. For partners, we can provide communication tools, access to the data administration interface and download of occurrence records without any costs.

Please get in contact via if you are interested in joining NatureSpots with your organization! Let's talk about the future of biodiversity monitoring and how we can work best together!