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New NatureSpots App Version 2.9.2 is ready in the App Stores

New NatureSpots App Version 2.9.2 is ready in the App Stores

Since today, the new NatureSpots App Version 2.9.2 is ready for your smartphone in your App Store. With the App Update, new features are implemented and improvements have been made.

List of the new Features and Improvements:

  • New Habitat Type: Freshwater > Riparian zone
  • New Habitat Type: Urban & Garden > Tree base
  • New Feature: Data Visualization Overlay: see distribution dot- and heatmaps
  • New button for easier creation of spot updates in the detail view
  • New Private Spots Feature: Users can now determine the visibility of their spot themselves
  • New function to block sensitive content and users
  • Bug fixes and improvements

To update your App manually, you can directly go to the App Store Page of NatureSpots on your smartphone and hit the "Update" Button there. If you have enabled automated app updates on your device, the NatureSpots App should have already been updated and you can use the new features right away. The new App version is 2.9.2, please check the main menu on the bottom if you are unsure, which version you have installed.

Link to NatureSpots App on Android

Link to NatureSpots App on IOS 

Have fun discovering nature, see you in the App!

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Wednesday, 29 May 2024

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